FPSO & Oil Rig Safety Practitioners Course (ABIOSH Accredited)

FPSO & Oil Rig Safety Practitioners Course (ABIOSH Accredited)


Become a certified Safety Practitioners specialized in FPSO and Oil Rig operations! This in-depth certificate course equips you with the technical capacities and theoretical knowledge to develop yourself as a skilled, competent and certified HSE Personnel for FPSO, Shipyard, Marine and Oil Rig Projects. Working on FPSOs, Oil Rigs and Shipyards present in itself a whole different level of safety hazards and risks due to the unique environment. This course will provide participants with knowledge and skills to assess and mitigate risks to create a safer, more productive worksite.



ID Name
1 Module 1 Introduction to Marine Industry, FPSO & OIl Rig
2 Module 2 FPSO Standards and General Arrangement
3 Module 3 Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental (OHSE) Risk Management
4 Module 4 FPSO & Oil Rig Risk Evaluation & Management